Ask Dangerous Lee – What do we as BLACK people consider being BLACK enough?!

Ask Dangerous Lee

Q: I am a Black male with black parents (high yellow) but I was indirectly raised with subtle traces of Japanese culture. Oddly enough, I wear expensive blazers with casual jeans and sneakers. I prefer super hero movies or anime over 50 Cent and I think I’m the only guy left on earth that refers to women as…..WOMEN and not hoes (Gasp!). Surely I’m malfunctioning. I guess the bottom line question is “What do we as BLACK people consider being BLACK enough?!

Kentaro, Dearborn, MI

A: Seems like you’re having an identity crisis. You mentioned that your parents are ‘high yellow” as if that were separate from the rest of us chocolate Black folks. You also mentioned that you wear “expensive” blazers. Who gives a damn! Stop thinking you’re better than the rest of us and that may clear up a few things for you. And, let me tell you something else, it’s not just you sweetie, there are many more of us out here that don’t fit into stereotypes. Stop buying into ignorance. You should be asking what is NERD enough, because you fit the bill, Mr. Traces of Japanese Culture.

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