Hey, Asshole! Stop Walking in the Damn Street!

What I wish I could do and get away with it.

I love Spring and Summer for many reasons, but I hate it for one reason; people who walk in the street!

During warm weather months it immediately becomes uncool to safely walk on the sidewalk. The street, meant for automobiles, becomes the place to be for pedestrians. It’s almost as if they’re daring you to hit them as they slowly move out of the way as your car approaches their ass. I wonder if I attempted to drive on the sidewalk that you’d get the point.

The sidewalk: Where you should be walking.

I’m sure that some of you reading this are guilty of walking in the middle of the street as if you own it or have the right to be there, so tell me, why do you do it? It is a gangsta move to show how hard you are? What’s the deal? I really need to know, so that the next time I encounter someone like you I can make an educated decision on whether or not I should run your ass over.



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