Rihanna Live – A Review

I caught Rihanna live during The Loud Tour June 14, 2011 at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan. I started out with nosebleed seats but thanks to my companion knowing someone that had better seats in a VIP suite, we were invited to enjoy the show from a better view.

Rihanna’s opening acts were J. Cole and B.O.B. I’m not a fan of either and seeing them perform live didn’t change that fact.

Highlights from Rihanna’s performance include her seductively grinding her crotch on a lucky female fan, her sexy rendition of Prince’s Darling Nikki, and a drum solo; that I have to say shocked and impressed the hell out of me and others in attendance (who knew she could play the drums?).

However, I was disappointed that she did not perform S.O.S. or Rehab. Rehab is my jam, and I was upset that I didn’t get to hear it live.

Overall it was a fun show and contrary to popular opinion, she sings well live. Rihanna is not the best performer or entertainer, but she has great stage presence and her stage design and special effects are original, creative, and colorful. I overheard someone comment “She’s not Beyonce!”. That’s right, she’s not Beyonce, she’s Rihanna, and that’s good enough.


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