Movie Review:Hall Pass

Hall Pass focuses on two horny married men that are not getting enough sex from their wives so they focus on all the sex that they think they can have with other women if they were not married. Both men are given a Hall Pass for a week to do what they want with who they want. They spend most of the time getting high, partying, and hanging out at Applebee’s! Both men come close to having sex with other women, but chicken out (which is total Hollywood movie BS) because they realize how much they love their wives.

Hall Pass is very funny, and there are more than a few over the top, pushing the envelope moments like a scene that involves a huge hooked penis and another man with a very small, almost non existent penis. Hilarious! I had to rewind that scene a few times.

If married men were given a Hall Pass in real life it would not turn out the way this movie ended, but hey that’s what movies are for, an escape from reality.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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