Nivea Ad Is Racist As Hell!

Dove, Cadburry, and Summer's Eve have all been accused of having racist ads lately, but this one is definitely out of line. A black man, or woman for that matter, should never throw away their fro, and technically they can't because the fro is a part of us. Also, wasup with the fake head? With all the technology we have you mean to tell me they could not have somehow used Photoshop to make it look like he was throwing away his own head? Looks real janky! I get the point that they're failing to make; look professional, look like a gentleman, and indeed, look like you give a damn, but the "re-civilize yourself" also takes this one over the top. Nivea fail! It sucks too because growing up Nivea was the lotion of choice in my home and my mom still uses it. Looks like mom and me need to have a talk. I can't wait to see the fallout of this one over the next couple of weeks. Click the fake fro head for the full story.

Seconds later I discovered…

Update: There has already been backlash! Check the links below.


7 thoughts on “Nivea Ad Is Racist As Hell!

  1. Interesting hypothesis, but I’m not sure I agree. Alienating the Black dollar is not a good idea for business as we tend to do a lot of buying.

  2. This is the new fast track to re invigorating your brand! Madison Avenue has found the way…it’s on the backs of black bloggers. We knee jerkingly give free press on our blogs to these people…and so we see them make a mad dash and a huge rush to create these smoothly racist ads, and we black bloggers will without fail, re-blog them, thus giving away our power and clogging up our blogs with the racism that we say we detest.

    One thing is true for me: Each and every one of these ads–from the Superbowl evil witch, to Hail to the V, to Nivea and any future ads, I found out about and will find out about EACH ONE on a black person’s blog! Something’s is wrong with this picture.

    Are we not able to see this game? I’m just sayin.

  3. Not figuratively or metaphorically… but they actually saw no difference. So when stories like this would pop up, they would judge it by putting themselves in the situation and base an opinion on how they would feel or react. They wouldn’t understand or see the racism. Like the hair issue with this ad. It’s saying that African-American hair in its natural form is uncivilized, and the racism there is pretty clear to me. Sure there are degrees of racism, but racism of any kind big or small should not be tolerated by anyone who believes in equality.

  4. Madison avenue…. Still the same… As my mother used to say when I was a child in the early 70’s, “Son we haven’t learned a thing from the Montgomery Bus Boycott. We shut the city down made them see where our real powers is. We just keep buying their products and allow them to abuse us.” No truer words has ever been spoken… Our buying powers is what keeps this economy going and yet we haven’t realized that we can get the equality we seek simply by boycotting their products and spending our money within our own communities…

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