Dangerous Lee Interviews DJ Soko

What’s behind the name “Soko”?

Nickname I got in high school. So=South Ko=Korea. I’m originally from South Korea. 

What took you fromDetroit to Brooklyn?

First and foremost, lemme start off by saying that I love Detroit. But, I left to be happy esentially. I wanted to do more with music in whatever city it was that I was living in, and Detroit wasn’t really offering that for me. I already have a lot of relationships with a lot of people in NYC and I have family here as well…..New York has always been like a second home to me so the transition was natural. Although, I was originally thinking LA but I ended up going with New York for various reasons.

Is there anything that you refuse to spin?

Yes and no. I only refuse to play shit that’s wack. That’s all. Good music is good music regardless of genre.

Have you had any interesting celebrity encounters sicne living in New York?

I don’t exactly how you would define it but I have had a lot of moments of becoming friends with some of my heroes. 

What do you love most about spinnin’ beats and music?

The freedom. I don’t have to follow any set format, I can do me. Nothing like it in this world.  

How long have you been a DJ?

About 9 years, 2 years professionally. 

Is being a DJ all play and no work?

Honestly, all of it is work. It just happens to be fun.

Was there a DJ that influenced you?

Many DJs have influenced me over the years. Honestly too many to name. 

Check out DJ Soko’s work –


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