Dangerous Lee Interviews Hollywood Actor, Ken Davitian

 Photo Credit: Rebekah Schoenbach

I haven’t seen The Artist yet, but I’m sure your cameo is one of the highlights. Was silent acting exciting?

Silent acting was definitely difficult for me because I am a big and loud guy. They basically limited my performance by taking away two of my biggest tools, which is voice and words. When they said “Quiet on set” they actually meant quiet on the set. And by the way go see the movie!

Is working with Sacha Baron Cohen as insane as it appears?

I only worked with him on one movie (Borat) and: Hell yes! He was insane, intense and incredible. Sacha takes it all the way to the cliff and then he jumps.
I understand you have co-ownership in a Hot Dog restaurant called “The Infield”, what’s up with that?

The Infield “Whats up with that?” sounds like an SNL skit!  The Infield is a hot dog stand in Sherman Oaks located on Beverly Glen and Ventura. We have every kind of hot dog you can imagine. We offer a Sabretts Dog from New York and a Fried Twinkie Dog that will tickle your sweet and salty tooth. We even have celebrity made dogs by John Lovitz and a Tiger Blood Dog created by Charlie Sheen. Not kidding, he came by during the height of his controversies and created it on the spot. Tweeted it to all his million followers! We also have outdoor stadium seating, original from stadiums around the nation. It’s a very cool concept and we are actually speaking with investors to expand to China and Japan.  Apparently, they love baseball.

What is the trick to making your marriage last 30 years?

The trick is to book work that has location shoots for as long as possible and then return home to hot sex. Then book another job with location shoots and repeat…

What’s your dream role?

My dream role for television would be a great sitcom and before I die I want to be in a Martin Scorsese mob movie

You’re a huge supporter of LGBTQ causes, how do you feel about Obama supporting Gay marriage?

I thought that he sent out vice president Biden like General Custer would send out an Indian scout and when Biden did not come back scalped, Obama put his toe in the water.  I think he is using gay marriage for political purposes and it took him much too long to make an easy decision.


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