Gay Pride Month Spotlight: Kergan Edwards-Stout

Name and occupation:

Kergan Edwards-Stout, Author

How do you show your gay pride?

I long ago learned, as a gay dad, that the best way to show my pride was for my kids to see me living as authentically and truthfully as possible.  I try to live by example.  And the gay pride stickers on our car help!

Are there any issues within the gay community that you’d like to change? 

I’d like to see less complacency among the community.  Too often when issues arise, my impression is that most people can’t be bothered to rally and get involved.  The other big issue I’d like to see addressed is the divide between the sexes; those walls must be broken down and more respect shown to all for their varied contributions.

What do you think about Obama’s support of gay marriage?

He’s da man!

If you could take a magic pill to be “straight”, would you? 

No way.  Our individual uniqueness is what makes us special and gives us nuances and shading. I wouldn’t be the same father, writer, partner, or person I am without my sexual identity. Experiencing coming out and the resulting struggles have made me stronger, more compassionate, and more focused on the need for equality for all.

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