Gay Pride Month Spotlight: Frank Anthony Polito

Name and occupation:

Frank Anthony Polito, Author

How do you show your gay pride?

By writing stories that not only reflect the LGBT experience but educate non-LGBT folks as to what it’s like for us living as LGBT individuals.

Are there any issues within the gay community that you’d like to change?

I find there still tends to be a separation among men and women, and also different ethnic groups, when it comes to socializing. I’d like to see us all celebrating our LGBT lives together.

What do you think about Obama’s support of gay marriage?

I’m all for it… And it’s about time! Though I can understand his reasoning for taking so long to publicly speak out in favor. Like it or not, politics is a game. I’m just happy to see Mr. Obama finally stand up for what he believes in.

If you could take a magic pill to be “straight”, would you?

Growing up, I desperately wanted to be “normal,” ie straight. But when I look back on all the things I’ve achieved and the experiences I’ve had, I credit them to who I am: a gay man. Had I not accepted myself as such, I would never have spent the last 22 years loving the most wonderful man: my partner, Craig Bentley.




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