Dangerous Lee Interviews Actress, Surfer, Marathoner, and Philanthropist, Tanna Frederick!

You’re a busy woman, do you have a chance to relax? How?

My relaxation comes from running and surfing.  I get really relaxed when I can just turn on my Ipod and tune out.  Also, I love watching the Bachelorette, my guilty pleasure. 

Do you have interests that you have not tried yet?

Shakespeare.  Terrifies.  Me. That should be a bridge I cross soon, that hopefully doesn’t go down in flames. 

Who or what inspires your drive and ambition?

Perfectionism and a desire to learn.  The ‘Divine Dissatisfaction’ plagues me.  A feeling that what I am doing is never enough, that time is slipping away, that there are surmountable mountains of experiences available to inform my work, and that everything that happens is because of my hand in the pot stirring.  


Have you had to make many sacrifices?

I guess some, yes.  I don’t know if they’re sacrifices yet or just late blooming endeavors, but I haven’t had any babies and haven’t gotten married.  But I never placed those things as priorities.  My work has been my focus. 

Iowa seems to have a special place in your heart, why is that?

Iowa envelops you like a big fat hug.  It’s a remarkable state to come from, embarrassingly talented and supportive place to have been raised for me as an artist.  Iowa is a state of mind. Call me corny, but everyone who I’ve watched immerse themselves into the Iowa Indie Film Festival and Project Cornlight has had the pants charmed off of them by this state. 

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