Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Ernesto Ibarra Henkel

Ernesto Ibarra Henkel – CEO of Autentico Tequila Alacran 

What do you love most about being of Hispanic Heritage? 
Our rebel spirit. We rebelled against the available tequilas, because none of them pleased us. We thought they were boring, too permed, and we wanted a fresh, new mash. We wanted a white tequila, one that you could drink straight without feeling overwhelmed by alcohol, or one to mix for pleasure as opposed to hide its rough flavor.   
Tell us an important Hispanic History Fact: 
The arrival of Authentic Tequila Alacran coincides with the commencement of a new decade in which we celebrate the bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence. It is with the same sense of national pride that we present our products to you.
Who or what inspires you most?
Our consumer, a friend that we care for, so we are aware of the consequences that alcohol intake may have on health. We warn our consumer about health hazards through the same means that we use to commercialize our tequila.  
Something that you’ve never said publicly but want to reveal to DangerousLee.Biz: 
We are distinct from all the other tequilas because we don’t use the traditional figures related to this drink: agave plants, country landscapes, sombreros, mustaches, guns, etc. But most of all we can be distinguished from the others because of our slick bottle, our herbal flavor, and our undeniable quality. But first and foremost we can be distinguished because simply we are just different.
Where have we seen you before? You have seen me in the media from print publications to online media articles to events either supporting the Autentico Tequila Alacran brand to my amazing family. I have done interviews including on Autentico Tequila Alacran and recently on our newest product Autentico Mezcal Alacran which we launched during New York Fashion Week this year at the Hotel Americano in NYC. 
Where can we find you online?

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