365 Days of Dangermas: Day 88 – Who The Hell Has Been Walking On My Car?

DANGERMASLOGODay 88 – March 29, 2012:

Highlights of the Day

  • It appears that someone or more than one person has taken it upon themselves to walk on the hood and top of my damn car! When did this become the next big thing? I taped a note on my windshield saying, “Stay Off Car!!!” with an image of a foot on it. We’ll see if I have more shoe prints on my car tomorrow.
  • I started cooking in the slow cooker again. I threw some ribs in there today with a special sauce. I wasn’t very impressed. I cooked some beef stew a couple of days ago that was also blah. Apparently, I can’t cook!
  • I’m home alone on a Friday, but that’s typical. However, I like being alone. I am getting lots of things done! I could go out to a movie or something, but I don’t feel like it. Maybe tomorrow…
  • I learned about another type of sexuality called demisexual and I think it fits under the asexual umbrella. I fit the bill of demisexual almost to the tee, except I do experience primary sexual attraction (attracted to a person’s looks, clothes, or personality), and demisexuals are said to not be sexually attracted to anyone of any gender which I can totally relate to as well, but when I am sexually attracted to someone they are male. You know, it’s weird that we feel the need to always label ourselves and put ourselves in boxes. I have always identified as heterosexual, but after learning what I learned today I don’t think I can identify as such anymore. For a while now I’ve felt odd because I rarely meet men that I am attracted to and that I am only able to really enjoy sex when I am in a meaningful relationship with someone that I am also very physically attracted to. That’s why I love to learn. Knowledge really is power and let’s you know that you’re not all that unique!

Nothing for the Dangermas tree. I think Dangermas has officially become a platform for me to write and much less about decorating the tree. I feel bad. Hopefully something for the tree cathes my eye over the weekend. Have a Dangerous Easter Holiday weekend 😉


If you’d like to donate items to the Dangermas tree, please view our wishlist for ideas, or you can send ornaments or other light weight items to:

Dangerous Lee

PO Box 7317

Flint, MI 48507

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