365 Days of Dangermas: Day 112 – I Got Pulled Over!

DANGERMASLOGODay 112 – April 22, 2013:

Highlights of The Day

  • Wouldn’t you know it, the day I publish an article about what to do when you’re pulled over…I get pulled over by state police! How ironic! Why did I get pulled over? I drove through a yellow light! Apparently, unless I am in the intersection I should always stop at a yellow light. OooooK, I had no idea. I always go through yellow lights! Aren’t yellow lights a warning? Anyway, if the car in front of me had not stopped abruptly to avoid being pulled over by the police (another ironic thing) I would not have pulled over quickly into the right lane and proceeded to go through the yellow light to avoid slamming them in the ass. The officer was aware of this situation, but in regular cop fashion I had to pay the price. Well, actually I only got a warning, thank the lawd, and the fact that I was also driving without insurance; I consider myself VERY lucky that the officer had bigger fish to fry.
  • My car stopped on me twice today 😦
  • Happy Earth Day!
  • Lesson of The Day: ALWAYS stop at yellow lights.

Nothing for the Dangermas tree.

If you’d like to donate items to the Dangermas tree, please view our wishlist for ideas, or you can send ornaments or other light weight items to:

Dangerous Lee

PO Box 7317

Flint, MI 48507

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