God Fearing Men Want Sex Too!


Men kill me saying shit they think we want to hear, especially Black men. In the middle of having a conversation that was centered around prostate Cancer and how Black men don’t get tested and the various reasons behind that; the older man I was having a conversation with (who flirts often) proceeded to call a friend of his an old whore. I laughed and he continued to explain, “Well, he was when we were younger…” I interrupted with my smart-ass to say, “He was a young whore and now he’s an old whore. That’s OK. He’s being a man.”

Of course he had to inform me that not all men are that way (as if I were a naive tween) and that he puts God first in his life so he’s different. My eyes slightly rolled and I snickered as I said, “Well that’s what men say to a woman when they want sex. I mean c’mon, God-fearing men want sex too!” We both laughed and the conversation continued.

My point is, being sexually attracted to a person is not unusual or wrong. We’re sexual beings. What makes it “wrong” is when men treat women like whores or escorts in an effort to get her in bed. If you only want to have sex, say that! We’re all adults, I may only want sex too, but if I don’t you’ll know. Remember we choose you! We know very quickly if we see ourselves in bed spanking you or vice versa.

Let’s face it, men do stupid things or talk themselves out of getting sex all the time; at least in my experience. Just be honest and “keep it real”. I don’t get turned on or impressed by a man pulling his relationship with the Lord out of his ass. If anything, it’s a turnoff. I know you’re a damn heathen in disguise.

I’m such an ass…I guess that’s why I’m single. *Kanye shrug*




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