Dangerous Lee Interviews Professional Handmade Guitar Maker – Ron Luczak


Who owns the first guitar you created in 1982?

I still have that guitar, it’s a small scale “mini” sized copy of the 1958 Gibson ‘Explorer” model, but I never entirely finished it enough to make it playable. I was so excited about what I accomplished half way through, that I bought more lumber and started making a few more full size guitars and from there I just kept going.

Why do you prefer to work with Mahogany, Maple and Rosewood?

These woods are traditional musical instrument woods and I rationalized that there must be a good reason they were always used, so I didn’t deviate too much, although I have experimented with other wood species I always come back to the Mahoganies & Maples.


You don’t play guitar, so what keeps you so motivated to create. Is it a love for music?

I don’t actively “play” at the moment but I was drawn to guitars as early as I can remember and I learned how to play over time and have been in bands and made occasional recordings mainly as a hobby. When I was about 20, it seemed like everybody was playing the guitar and I got the notion to try to build a guitar and I just never stopped. I can pick up a guitar and play anytime I want, but building is just more exciting to me.

I understand you’d like to make a guitar for Paul McCartney. Have you tried to reach out to him or his “people” to make it happen?

His name is just the first one I could think of during a local TV interview, which was conducted at 8am when I was barely awake and hadn’t had coffee yet (ha). It could have been a lot of different “names” that I might have blurted out, but yes It would be marvelous to have him or any of the many artist’s that I admire to play a guitar I made. I don’t feel comfortable soliciting a famous person to hold my guitar just because their famous, or for gimmicky reasons. I’d rather they want one because they find my guitar to be a useful tool to create their music with.


Can you make other instruments?

I have made a few Bass guitars but I feel that I fully understand how a regular 6-string guitar should feel, play and sound so for the time being I’m compelled to concentrate on doing “what I do best”, although I do aspire to build Mandolin’s and Arch-Top Jazz guitars in the future.

What is your ultimate dream for Luczak Guitars?

When I was just starting out in my early twenties I imagined the scenario of a huge factory with lots of employees and every music store around would stock my guitars, but now, quite honestly, that sounds like a great big stress-filled headache! I don’t want the “Business” of it all to stifle my “Art”. I would be content to operate a small scale production with just a few employees who are also fellow crafts-people and 8 hours a day we would custom hand-build each guitar for the customer, as it was ordered, while preserving our social lives, such as having a beer at the 501 in Flint on Friday nights with our closest friends.


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