How the Failure of My Crowdfunding Project Makes Me Feel





profile.jpgThese feelings will of course lessen with time, but…

When you’re in desperate need of help and you have more than 5,000 subscribers as well as friends and family; I thought that at least 100 of those people would come forward to support me in a time of great need. I  reached out and was ignored. The fact that I wasn’t even able to get the minimum requirement of 20 donations was even more hurtful and quite frankly, embarrassing.

Who are the people that are really there for me? Who really believes in me and cares that I succeed? They’re not who I thought they were.

I’ve seen all the memes about not expecting things from people because it will lead to disappointment and I’ve heard more than once that people have their own issues. Duh! I get it. I know! But, when it seems that you have no real support system or that what you’re doing is in vain that’s another bitter pill of many for me to swallow. I’ve got lots of reevaluating to do.

I greatly appreciate those that did support my fundraiser and I can’t wait to see you guys in your Dangerous Lee tees. Thanks for believing in me. You have a special place in my heart.


4 thoughts on “How the Failure of My Crowdfunding Project Makes Me Feel

  1. Versandra, well-said and so helpful!!

    D, just finished my own campaign… Didn’t make the goal and largely b/c of what’s offered here! I clicked on your tweet because I felt the same way! 😉

    We get up and move on ;))

  2. Girlfriend, I feel you but I had to take a moment to drop a few words of support for you as you do your reevaluating. I’ve been where you are and what I learned is that when I add value to the lives of the people around me, I have no need to ask for donations ever! You don’t need anything. Your creativity and imagination are your greatest resources. Donations are for charities. Secondly, I learned that if people are not purchasing what I have to “sell,” I need to do a better job at giving them access, providing excellent quality or help them see the need my product will fill for them better. Finally, I learned, most people feel that they need a donation themselves and unless there is a cause that’s directly related to themselves or a close family member, they do not donate. You are not a failure my sister but you have had an amazing opportunity to learn more about this system for garnering support for your brand. It appears to be an online tool, but in fact, it is an online/offline resource. When I used GoFundMe, I utilized press releases, phone calls, email marketing and speaking engagements to fund an immediate transportation need. In 30-days, I received $2,000 and 40% of that was offline. I had 3 tiers of gifts for contributions and the value of the gifts were far greater than the contribution. If you would like a complimentary 30-minute coaching session for your next crowdfunding adventure, hit me up. You rock my sister! Keep living dangerously.

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