Don’t Ask Me To Put My Number In Your Phone

I’m not gon’ be able to do it!

So, I’m out having lunch with my mom when she recognizes an acquaintance from the past leaving the restaurant. They start a conversation and with him is the epitome of a scrub without a dental plan AND he looks homeless.

My mom also knew this man back in the day. He starts to “flirt” with me by joking that I’m pretty in spite of having an ugly daddy (apparently he knows my father). I awkwardly thanked him and then he asked how old I was which is a huge no no, especially since it should be obvious that I am NOT under age.

I was taken aback by the question and told him so. He then asked me to take my hat off so he could see my hair. That wasn’t happening either. He then puts his flip phone in my face and tells me to put my number in it. My response was a flat out NO!

He then had the nerve to call me arrogant!!!! In reaction to his antics I asked him what he was doing and his response was…flirting. Really? Being an asshole and turning me off is flirting? Why do I attract this kind of nonsense?

It was a very embarrassing situation, especially since our waitress had arrived with our food during this time. The more sensible of the two men ended the conversation and left us to enjoy our meal, but as the scrub was leaving he felt compelled to yell out, ” I like your hair! I can see it from the back of your hat!” Just ignorant.

It made me wonder, who the hell is falling for the Put Your Number In My Phone line, especially from this dude? Unfortunately a lot of women are foolishly putting their phone number in the phone of strange men just because they tell them to. You’ve gotta do better, ladies!

Check this video for proof:

The only way you’re getting my number in your phone is if I like you and you act like a gentleman with some damn sense.

In that case, you may not even have to ask for my number because I will give it to you.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me To Put My Number In Your Phone

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how quickly they all just gave up their numbers! The guys didn’t have to give out any ‘flattering’ comments or anything, the one guy seemed totally uninterested and board with them and they still blindly obeyed!

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