Real Men Wear Skirts!

Bakuba_men-rafia skirts
Bakuba men in raffia skirts.

Omar Epps and Mos Def are just two of the countless Black men that are getting flack recently for wearing skirts. People automatically throw out the gay accusation or rant that the Black man is getting more and more feminine. If you would take 60 seconds to Google, Yahoo! or pick up a book on culture you would know that men wearing skirts is not a gay thing and it’s not weird or even a new phenomenon. Even it if was gay, weird, or brand new; grow the hell up! A man can wear whatever he wants. Stop judging!!!

Omar Epps in a skirt/pants ensemble.

Ancient Egyptian men wore skirts. Tribal dress in Africa includes skirts. Did you forget about the kilt skirt in Scotland? Oh, and monks wear skirts too! Granted all men don’t look good in skirts, but neither does every woman that wears leggings.

Mos Def in a kente skirt.

American culture is so ass backwards and stupid. We poo poo anything that’s not considered traditional. Stop being so quick to diss what you don’t know or understand.  It is so embarrassing to see all these Black news and Hip Hop websites mocking anyone who dares take a fashion risk when that opportunity should of been used as a teaching moment.

Michael Jackson wearing a skirt in the Remember the Time music video. You know I had to do it 😉

What do you think about men wearing skirts?

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