2014: A Year of Car and Daddy Issues

dangerous Lee
Keeping the dream alive.

2014 hasn’t been anything to write a year-end blog about, to be honest. It was a continuation of what 2013 had to offer which also wasn’t much.

Major issues of 2014

  • My car was/is a major pain in my ass.
  • My wallet was stolen.
  • I got a ticket for driving without a valid license and tags.
  • My father, who I learned was my father just a few years ago, is not speaking to me and I am not speaking to him. A huge part of me doesn’t care. He wasn’t there for 30 some odd years so, what the hell!? *shrugs*
  • My mother needs to have her knees operated on as she is barely able to get around. And, those aren’t her only issues.

As you may or may not be able to tell, I have lost all optimism. I am officially a realist. I will continue to work hard and reach goals but my expectations are low. That is unfortunate but experience is a teacher.

I’ve also remained single this year which means 365 days without sex. I’m dying for some male companionship! Naked cuddling sounds amazing.

I did manage to release an e-book this year so that is something and I plan to release a few more in 2015. My first book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, will be 5 years old in 2015 and I plan to celebrate in some form or fashion. Not sure how but look for it to be revealed around March.

Not only was 2014 a year of personal struggle but the hand basket that the world is going to hell in was set on fire before it makes the destination. I don’t need to remind you of all the disease, death, crime, politics, war, police brutality, plane crashes and lost planes that made the headlines.

Where is the good news?

40Yep, I’ll turn 40 in 2015. They say life starts after 40. I doubt it but I look forward to it, kinda. Speaking of which, my daughter will be 13 in 2015. Wow. Times flies.

I really can’t believe I’ll be 40. I guess that’s because I saw myself differently at this age when I was younger. Life has a funny way of not turning out the way you want it to.




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Happy New Year! Keep it Dangerous in 2015!

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