#DIYThursday: How To Give Your Blog A Makeover?

dionne warwickBut Dionne, we ALL need a makeover!

Have you ever visited a blog that looked a hot cluttered mess and it made you leave immediately? The colors were off and there was way too much going on and you couldn’t find anything you were looking for? That blog needs a makeover!

All blogs at some point will need a makeover, even the best of the best. If for no other reason than to give your readers and yourself a fresh perspective or to just jazz things up a bit.

A blog makeover is more than just adding a new banner, changing the color scheme or implementing a background. A blog makeover includes making changes to the theme, layout, navigation and even involves changing the content.

All these changes will go a long way to increase your readership, subscribers and overall fan base.

It doesn’t matter how great your music, book or art is. If the presentation sucks no one is gonna buy from you.

dangerouskissHi! I’m Dangerous Lee, your Social Media Makeover Specialist! How may I help you?

I recently provided Blog Makeover reports for Vas Littlecrow and Dana Ellington Myles. Read their testimonials:

Vas: WOW! This report is amazing.

The week before I implemented some of the changes that Dangerous Lee recommended for my site, I was averaging 26 visitors a day. The week I began changing my website based upon Dangerous’s analysis, I averaged 46 visitors a day. Five and a half days after that, my traffic averaged 74 visitors a day.

Did I mention that I haven’t even finished implementing all of her recommendations? I am not one to argue with results: Dangerous Lee’s advice works!

Vas wanted to have steadier more consistent traffic. I’d say she’s on her way to reaching and surpassing that goal.

Dana: It took less than 24-hours for her to provide me a thorough report, complete with suggestions, links, and data that I never would have thought to look for regarding the efficacy of my site.

Dana wants to increase engagement on her blog. That can be a little more tricky than reaching traffic goals because to increase engagement you need to more readers/subscribers (which is a job in itself) and then build relationships with those subscribers and ask open-ended questions or include a call to action in each blog post.

I can help you with that too!

You can’t talk at your readers, you must talk to them.

Get a Blog Makeover Report Now!


I believe in teaching people how to do things for themselves. You can learn how to give your blog a makeover instead of hiring someone else to do it all for you.

You are an artist for goodness sake; you can do it!

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