#DIYThursday: How To Give Your Blog A Makeover?

dionne warwickBut Dionne, we ALL need a makeover!

Have you ever visited a blog that looked a hot cluttered mess and it made you leave immediately? The colors were off and there was way too much going on and you couldn’t find anything you were looking for? That blog needs a makeover!

All blogs at some point will need a makeover, even the best of the best. If for no other reason than to give your readers and yourself a fresh perspective or to just jazz things up a bit.

A blog makeover is more than just adding a new banner, changing the color scheme or implementing a background. A blog makeover includes making changes to the theme, layout, navigation and even involves changing the content.

All these changes will go a long way to increase your readership, subscribers and overall fan base.

It doesn’t matter how great your music, book or art is. If the presentation sucks no one is gonna buy from you.

dangerouskissHi! I’m Dangerous Lee, your Social Media Makeover Specialist! How may I help you?

I recently provided Blog Makeover reports for Vas Littlecrow and Dana Ellington Myles. Read their testimonials:

Vas: WOW! This report is amazing.

The week before I implemented some of the changes that Dangerous Lee recommended for my site, I was averaging 26 visitors a day. The week I began changing my website based upon Dangerous’s analysis, I averaged 46 visitors a day. Five and a half days after that, my traffic averaged 74 visitors a day.

Did I mention that I haven’t even finished implementing all of her recommendations? I am not one to argue with results: Dangerous Lee’s advice works!

Vas wanted to have steadier more consistent traffic. I’d say she’s on her way to reaching and surpassing that goal.

Dana: It took less than 24-hours for her to provide me a thorough report, complete with suggestions, links, and data that I never would have thought to look for regarding the efficacy of my site.

Dana wants to increase engagement on her blog. That can be a little more tricky than reaching traffic goals because to increase engagement you need to more readers/subscribers (which is a job in itself) and then build relationships with those subscribers and ask open-ended questions or include a call to action in each blog post.

I can help you with that too!

You can’t talk at your readers, you must talk to them.

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I believe in teaching people how to do things for themselves. You can learn how to give your blog a makeover instead of hiring someone else to do it all for you.

You are an artist for goodness sake; you can do it!

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2014: A Year of Car and Daddy Issues

dangerous Lee
Keeping the dream alive.

2014 hasn’t been anything to write a year-end blog about, to be honest. It was a continuation of what 2013 had to offer which also wasn’t much.

Major issues of 2014

  • My car was/is a major pain in my ass.
  • My wallet was stolen.
  • I got a ticket for driving without a valid license and tags.
  • My father, who I learned was my father just a few years ago, is not speaking to me and I am not speaking to him. A huge part of me doesn’t care. He wasn’t there for 30 some odd years so, what the hell!? *shrugs*
  • My mother needs to have her knees operated on as she is barely able to get around. And, those aren’t her only issues.

As you may or may not be able to tell, I have lost all optimism. I am officially a realist. I will continue to work hard and reach goals but my expectations are low. That is unfortunate but experience is a teacher.

I’ve also remained single this year which means 365 days without sex. I’m dying for some male companionship! Naked cuddling sounds amazing.

I did manage to release an e-book this year so that is something and I plan to release a few more in 2015. My first book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, will be 5 years old in 2015 and I plan to celebrate in some form or fashion. Not sure how but look for it to be revealed around March.

Not only was 2014 a year of personal struggle but the hand basket that the world is going to hell in was set on fire before it makes the destination. I don’t need to remind you of all the disease, death, crime, politics, war, police brutality, plane crashes and lost planes that made the headlines.

Where is the good news?

40Yep, I’ll turn 40 in 2015. They say life starts after 40. I doubt it but I look forward to it, kinda. Speaking of which, my daughter will be 13 in 2015. Wow. Times flies.

I really can’t believe I’ll be 40. I guess that’s because I saw myself differently at this age when I was younger. Life has a funny way of not turning out the way you want it to.




Thank you for supporting and subscribing to the Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. This blog as well as SimplySenia.com are the two websites in the network that are monetized. This means each visit/view we receive equals a few pennies in the bank. The more views we get the more money we make. So in essence you visiting, reading and sharing content is helping a family in need.

Happy New Year! Keep it Dangerous in 2015!

#KeepitDangerous! Re-defined

Estimated reading time: 25 seconds. Contains 84 words


New Definition:

“Keep it Dangerous!” means doing your best in life while holding fast to your personal beliefs as you move forward in a crotchety yet positive direction.

I was going to post the old definition for comparison, but I can’t remember the exact wording. Needless to say it was to bland, no personality. This new one sounds so much more like me and I’m in love with the word “crotchety” these days.

Use the #KeepitDangerous! hastag on social media if you too are on Team Crotchety!

Blogging 101: Say My Name

Blogging 101: Say Your Name

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.


Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 53 seconds. Contains 378 words

As I mentioned in yesterdays assignment (Blogging 101: Introducing Myself) I chose to call my blog The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network because I thought it sounded like a big deal. I thought it would grab attention.

I also chose it because from 2011-2013 I featured daily content in several categories like Beauty & Fashion, Celebrities, and Sex, Dating & Relationships. I grew tired of that format for various reasons so I have moved on from that into what you see on the website in 2014. Sometimes I feel like I need to change the name, but I do post news in an attempt to be entertaining, so it stays.

 I also thought the name was an appropriate progression for the work I was doing and where my brand was headed. Now, I’m not so sure. What do you think? Should it stay or should it go?

I have thought about calling my blog Dangerous Lee University, which is also a category here on the network filled with more than 100 articles that include information on how to improve yourself and your life is various easy steps.

Some of the titles are: How to Save Money at the Grocery Store, The Way Not to Run a Business , 25 Ways to Make Extra Money This Month and You Should Probably Shut Up At These Critical Times.

I like to give people info they can actually use. I see myself as an information source. A place where you can learn useful things.

The tagline = Keep it Dangerous!

I love my tagline. It fits. I’ve been using it for years and people  shout it right back at me all the time. I think I hit the nail on the head with that one. I use the hashtag #KeepitDangerous! (Yes, the exclamation mark must be included) on all social media accounts. The trick is getting other people to use it more, but I read something that says hashtags can’t be owned and they come and go quickly or something like that. But yea, I like my tagline. Do you?

“Keep it Dangerous!” means being the best at whatever you choose to do in life while holding fast to your personal beliefs as you move forward in a positive direction.

Songs that automatically popped into my head



Blogging 101: Introducing Myself

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 36 seconds. Contains 920 words

I have been a website owner and blogger for years, but I didn’t bother to educate myself before I began. I jumped right in head first and done my own thing. So, I said – what the heck – let me dial it back and take advantage of what WordPress has to offer in their Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself  course.

Here is me introducing myself:

Dangerous Lips
Me – Leigh “Dangerous Lee” Langston

What inspired you to start your blog?

I started my blog in 2008 to promote myself as a writer as well as the projects I was involved in. I thought owning a “.com” or in my case a .biz would be a good investment in my future. Go back to the 2008 & 2009 archives to take a peek at my humble beginnings.

Now I see my blog as a way to preserve my personal history. A legacy.

Describe the intended focus of your site and what your readers can expect.

Currently, because it seems to change each year, I write essays about current events as well as my life as a single Black mother living at the poverty level with apolitical and areligious views.

I also post content written by members of ezinearticles.com. The content that I feature is usually something I can relate to or something that I agree with in whole or part. It might even piss me off but the bottom line is that I think it should be read, shared and talked about on social media.

I want you to read it, have a reaction and tell me what you think. I often share my reaction within the blog as well if it really gets me fired up.

Introduce yourself: What do you do? What are your interests?

I really hate the idea of introducing myself. I have since I was a kid. You know when you’re at school on the first day or at a silly ass meeting with the new person and everyone has to say their name and what they do or what their favorite color is. I hate that. I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s always something that people don’t really care about. It doesn’t matter. Or the information has to be given in such an engaging or entertaining way for people to remember you.

I don’t know what to say. What do I do? If I really told you what I do you’d be bored to tears. I’m not that interesting at all, especially these days. I’m not social. I don’t get out much and I’m OK with that. I’m a homebody, but inside me is a world traveler waiting to get out.

I am self employed and I work from home. I make less than $10,000 a year (every time I write that it saddens and amazes me). I run an obscure news and entertainment network that includes DangerousLee.Biz (you are here), SimplySenia.com, BlackGirlsAllowed.com and PantiesUpSkirtDown.com.

Interests? I love film. I am currently enjoying being a new member of Netflix. I’ve been watching Dexter, United States of Tara, Prison Break, Scandal and Orange is the New Black.

I’m boring. That’s not fair. I’m not boring at all, but I don’t have many active interests at this time in my life worth mentioning. No wonder my writing has suffered. However, you can learn more about me in the About Dangerous Lee section.


Tell readers what your blog’s title means and why you chose it.

I chose to call it The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network because I thought it sounded like a big deal. I thought it would grab attention. I also chose it because from 2011-2013 I featured daily content in several categories like Beauty & Fashion, Celebrities, and Sex, Dating & Relationships. There are currently more than 20 categories within the network.

I wanted to publish various content by a group of writers like you would find in a magazine or newspaper. I grew tired of that format for various reasons so I have moved on from that into what you see on the website in 2014. Sometimes I feel like I need to change the name, but I do post news in an attempt to be entertaining, so it stays.

Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

I’m a writer. I want to share my writing. I do have an oral journal on my iPod that I have thought about releasing as an audio book of sorts, but I say some very private and very personal things. I think I’ll keep it to myself for now. Maybe I’ll have them released when I die. Hopefully I’ll make more money then.

What topics do you like to write about?

I like to write about life. My life. Life as I see it. As I experience it.

I like to write about how I feel. Oftentimes I don’t feel good or happy. I like to write about how it feels to be unhappy and unsatisfied in this world while still attempting to reach goals and become my version of successful.

Here a few of my favorites:
The Half Series: When Black People Look White
Pole Dancing Is Not Just For Thots
Hoe Baths Are Not Just For Hoes
Real Men Wear Skirts

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

Anybody. Everybody. Everyone is welcome.

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

It’s my short term goal to make $500 from ad revenue a month. It may seem like a small goal, but it will make a huge difference in my income and way of life.

I’m on Twitter!

Dangerous Lee Interviews Collette McLafferty: Singer Sued For Not Looking or Sounding Like P!nk

From XOJane.com:

He spoke of watching my videos on YouTube, being “appalled” and “immediately hating” my singing. Despite 13 allegations ranging from “Conspiracy for Fraud” and “Tortious Interference” the following stood out like a sore thumb:

“Defendant McLafferty was ‘too unattractive’ to front” this kind of band.

“Pink is a visually striking woman,” it read as it was further alleged that I didn’t “look the part or contribute to the overall aesthetics” of the group.

The damages sought were around $10,000,000 and the “legal fees” Chuck felt he was entitled to by defending himself. In addition, he sought to ban me from performing in any P!NK tribute band in perpetuity.

I immediately quit my job in the band.

Check out Voicelive Touch!

Collette McLafferty coverband outfit
Collette McLafferty

Has this case affected your self esteem or self worth in any way?

Interestingly, my self esteem has never been better. Let me tell you, when you get sued for millions of dollars for no reason, you get real spiritual, real quick. A friend of mine told me that if she were in my situation with the case and the press she would most likely slide into a deep depression. That really shook me up. If this happened to me at a different point in my life, I may have just given up music or done something self destructive to cope. I think this would absolutely crush a less experienced performer. Fortunately, with 20 years in the music industry under my belt, I’ve had to battle a variety of insanely harsh situations. It became fight or flight. And I chose to fight, and the fact that I am a “lifer” in the music game has been my most valuable asset. . I’m stronger overall. I do have some very sad “why me” days though. I usually just drink of wine, cry and watch Jon Stewart and wait it out.

Have you heard from P!nk or her people?

The NY Post reached out to P!NK’s “camp”. I’m guessing a publicist. We got a “no comment”. This was when the story first went public. It’s hard to say if she knows the details of this case or not. Pop stars are so insulated and there are thousands of people trying to get in touch with them on a daily basis and everybody wants something. Plus legal issues are sensitive and no one wants to get sued themselves. That being said, P!NK’s platform is all about empowerment and sticking up for the underdog. There are a lot of parallels between her music and this case. Speaking up on the matter would be consistent with the message she puts out as an artist. However, I know that if I were in her situation, I would want the facts first. And getting them is time consuming. I mean my schedule is crazy just as a working regional artist, I can’t relate to what her life is like at all.

Has anything positive come from this experience?

Yes! I have gotten a crazy amount of support, especially from female musicians my age and the New York City music scene has been AMAZING to me. I’ve always wanted to speak very publicly about the value of older performers and why we should be celebrated and not silenced. Because The NY Post decided to make an issue of my age, I now have a platform to talk about it, so it’s a gift in strange wrapping paper. It’s also taught me that as of today I can handle almost anything life throws at me and it’s going to be OK.

Collette McLafferty

What have you learned from all this so far?

You have to stand in your own strength regardless of what others may think of you or say about you. I feel that I started playing it safe in my career a few years ago, because I got tired of reading the harsh comment when I would put my work out to the public. It made me want to be less open and vulnerable. But this experience has taught me to build a shield, focus on the art and those who love you. Oh, and also keep records of everything music business related! Emails, texts, everything!

Has this case affected your career negatively?

Unfortunately, in the short term it has been rather financially devastating, only because fighting this is a full time job. I spend hours everyday educating myself on the legal system instead of working on music. I’m slowly working on becoming a balanced human again. I’ve managed to work consistently for 20 years because I have always been diligent about auditioning, submitting my work, attending shows and jam sessions etc. As a freelancer, I do a lot of “one off” studio sessions, sub gigs etc, and there just hasn’t been time to pursue those things. Getting the work itself is a full time job. Fortunately, my 2 bands The Fred Savages and Lavender Steel are getting out of the “start up” hump and it looks like I’ll be busier in the fall. But it’s been a tough summer.

Also, If you Google my name, “old, ugly, bad singer” comes up repeatedly, thanks to the NY Post’s version of the story, which made the newswire. It’s kind of hilarious, but eek! They say there’s no such thing as bad press, but as a professional singer that is the worst possible press you can get! Now I can look at that and know absolutely that I am neither old, nor ugly. And I can sing, obviously. But in this business, you are constantly introducing yourself to new people, submitting head shots and demos online etc. And the first thing a potential employer does is Google you. So this has to be addressed, and I have to create new headlines for myself. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma to being sued. So there’s that too. This is going to be a huge challenge going forward to be known for my work once again and not as the “lawsuit girl”. Someone actually called me that at a concert I attended.

When things get resolved, however, if I can channel the strength I have found from this whole ordeal into my music and my artistic platform, I will be Dangerous! Pun intended!


Collette is represented by Martin Kera of Kera and Graubard, 212-681-1600

Collette on social media:



Writing Prompt: Breathing Room – Time To Hide The Cat!

Mystic Moon Langston

Ben Huberman: An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?

True Story: I’m at the rental office to pay rent and I overhear the manager talking about a tenant that is having an issue with a neighbor  who has a dog and a cat. My interest was piqued so I didn’t mind that she was taking her time multitasking as she attempted to write out my receipt. It seemed like whoever she was talking to was her superior, so her hectic schedule and stress level are already on level 100.

I was being nosy because last October we took in a beautiful male black stray cat. I let the management know that we had done so, but the management at the time (our management changes at least twice a year every year since I have lived here) informed me that it would cost a whopping $200 and to not worry about it right now. Her answer actually surprised me. I was expecting to be scolded and told that the $200 was due immediately or you have 30 days to get out!

Here we are now; new management, new drama, new situations. And, an inspection coming soon!

Silly question: Do I hide the cat, litter box, cat bed and cat food in this magical room during inspection to avoid paying the $200 fee or do I find a better use for it? Also, how the hell do I get the room to reappear?

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Real Men Wear Skirts!

Bakuba_men-rafia skirts
Bakuba men in raffia skirts.

Omar Epps and Mos Def are just two of the countless Black men that are getting flack recently for wearing skirts. People automatically throw out the gay accusation or rant that the Black man is getting more and more feminine. If you would take 60 seconds to Google, Yahoo! or pick up a book on culture you would know that men wearing skirts is not a gay thing and it’s not weird or even a new phenomenon. Even it if was gay, weird, or brand new; grow the hell up! A man can wear whatever he wants. Stop judging!!!

Omar Epps in a skirt/pants ensemble.

Ancient Egyptian men wore skirts. Tribal dress in Africa includes skirts. Did you forget about the kilt skirt in Scotland? Oh, and monks wear skirts too! Granted all men don’t look good in skirts, but neither does every woman that wears leggings.

Mos Def in a kente skirt.

American culture is so ass backwards and stupid. We poo poo anything that’s not considered traditional. Stop being so quick to diss what you don’t know or understand.  It is so embarrassing to see all these Black news and Hip Hop websites mocking anyone who dares take a fashion risk when that opportunity should of been used as a teaching moment.

Michael Jackson wearing a skirt in the Remember the Time music video. You know I had to do it 😉

What do you think about men wearing skirts?

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My Reaction To Your “Dangerous Lee Survey” Answers


I received close to 25 responses to a survey I published in February where I asked you what your impression was of my business, the values you think it portrays and what you would like to see more of at the network. Most of the feedback was very helpful, constructive and many of you get what the Dangerous Lee brand is all about.

The survey was anonymous and the only personal info I asked for was age, sex and location. The following is my response to common answers and things that rubbed me the wrong way.

Many of you have one thing in common:

  • I would love to see more of you…what you think, your brand, your voice. I think that is the most authentic.
  • The only thing is to increase your presence, but that is a problem for every business.
  • I’d like to see more of your point of view, your writing.
  • I would like to read more stories about yourself and your experiences because those are the ones I enjoy the most.
  • It seems like a lot of rehashed, superficial content. It has your name, but I think people would like better, more carefully curated content from you.
    “Dangerous Lee” herself is the most interesting thing about the site, but there isn’t an authentic voice.

Translation: More Dangerous Lee Please!

OK, I get it…you want more of me, but it makes me wonder if you’ve been paying attention. My authentic voice is often published on the network under the category Dangerous Words. Check it out. I’m sure there are lots of things that you’ve missed.

I’m sure I am biased, but none of the news here at the Dangerous Lee Network is rehashed or superficial. Most of the articles are original and with categories like Mentality, Dating & Relationships, Beauty & Fashion and Health & Lifestyle, superficial is not the proper word.

My main demographic is women, like me, so a man may not see the overall value in what is provided. However, there is a category just for you – Guy Stuff.

One of you in particular had a very strong opinion about my attitude and doesn’t quite get the theme of the network:

  • A theme….the page seems to be all over the place. Is it just news? If it is I get my info from other sites and really don’t seek out the blogs for it. Most of the topics I don’t care about and so I don’t click on them. It also seems very personal. We always hear about your struggle and how no one supports you. It doesn’t convey confidence in your product and makes me loose interest. We ALL have issues and problems. We don’t go to the blogs to hear the bloggers issues.

Translation: Don’t invite me to your pity party!

dangerous lee lip twist

This is a news and entertainment network, so it covers many topics. No, it’s not just news. It’s also entertainment and me!

Taken from About The Network:

DangerousLee.Biz, established in 2008, is the hub of The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. It is Dangerous Lee’s home base which includes a circulation of viral topics and worldwide news that Dangerous Lee finds noteworthy as well as exclusive original content, short stories and blogs that highlight events in her personal and professional life.

I respect if you don’t look to my “blog” for news updates. I am not CNN and I am not trying to be. To better understand what I am trying to create with The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network, think Oprah.com with an edge. I also find it very hard to believe that a 22 year old woman can’t find something of interest here, but I think the issue is much deeper.

In reference to me talking about my struggles; this is MY network and sharing how I feel is part of what this website is about. Trust me when I say I keep a lot of things to myself because I don’t want to become a total Debbie Downer, but my feelings are valid. If you lose interest in me or my products because I have a vulnerable human moment, so be it. You weren’t really interested in the first place.

Lastly, I am very well aware that we all have problems and I have said as much. Instead of looking down on someone try uplifting them or sharing what has you down. It may make us both feel better. I share so you can be open to share. Communicate with a sista. I don’t bite unless you bite first.

Read – How the Failure of My Crowdfunding Project Makes Me Feel and

Bad Ideas I Had in 2013 and Other Things That Haven’t Panned Out…Yet!

Am I argumentative?


  • I get the message of a forward thinker, very passionate about your views, sometimes maybe to a fault, & I say that meaning at times it may be better to agree to disagree & accept another’s viewpoint & move on instead of the back & forth banter that comes off as argumentative.

I have no problem with the philosophy of agreeing to disagree. I do it often and sometimes I make the initial suggestion, BUT a discussion or debate requires a back and forth to get to an understanding. If that doesn’t happen, then and only then will the agree to disagree come into play.

I also receive lots of antagonistic/attacking responses and comments, so if you ask for it I will most definitely give it to you. If you come correct I will also reciprocate that. You must also remember that I am Dangerous Lee and I Keep it Dangerous! 😉

In closing I want to thank you all for answering the survey. It will help me to improve my business and my brand. I also thank you VERY MUCH for the support over the  years. It means a lot to me and I will work to bring you more of what you want and need.

Don’t Ask Me To Put My Number In Your Phone

I’m not gon’ be able to do it!

So, I’m out having lunch with my mom when she recognizes an acquaintance from the past leaving the restaurant. They start a conversation and with him is the epitome of a scrub without a dental plan AND he looks homeless.

My mom also knew this man back in the day. He starts to “flirt” with me by joking that I’m pretty in spite of having an ugly daddy (apparently he knows my father). I awkwardly thanked him and then he asked how old I was which is a huge no no, especially since it should be obvious that I am NOT under age.

I was taken aback by the question and told him so. He then asked me to take my hat off so he could see my hair. That wasn’t happening either. He then puts his flip phone in my face and tells me to put my number in it. My response was a flat out NO!

He then had the nerve to call me arrogant!!!! In reaction to his antics I asked him what he was doing and his response was…flirting. Really? Being an asshole and turning me off is flirting? Why do I attract this kind of nonsense?

It was a very embarrassing situation, especially since our waitress had arrived with our food during this time. The more sensible of the two men ended the conversation and left us to enjoy our meal, but as the scrub was leaving he felt compelled to yell out, ” I like your hair! I can see it from the back of your hat!” Just ignorant.

It made me wonder, who the hell is falling for the Put Your Number In My Phone line, especially from this dude? Unfortunately a lot of women are foolishly putting their phone number in the phone of strange men just because they tell them to. You’ve gotta do better, ladies!

Check this video for proof:

The only way you’re getting my number in your phone is if I like you and you act like a gentleman with some damn sense.

In that case, you may not even have to ask for my number because I will give it to you.

Top Story: Pearl Pearson – A Case of Police Brutality in My Family

I saw this image days ago and had no idea this was my cousin! When I saw the image I did not click on the story accompanying it. I read that it was yet another case of police brutality, shook my head and moved on. I wish my family had made a better effort to inform us all of his situation.


Who is Pearl Pearson?

Pearl is a 64 year-old diabetic deaf driver who resides in the Oklahoma City area.

What’s the story?

At this time, only limited details can be provided since this case is under investigation.

1. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol pulled Pearl over late in the evening on January 3, 2014. Pearl pulled over as he should.

2. Pearl’s driver’s license indicates he is Deaf. He also has a visor card inside his vehicle that says, “Driver is deaf”.

3. During the police encounter, Pearl was struck by officers.

4. An interpreter was never provided while Pearl was under the care of law enforcement — not during the booking, hospital, or while at the jail, even though Pearl requested one.

5. Pearl does not understand why he was struck. Pearl and his family are still not sure, but are ready for some answers.

6. Pearl’s own son is a police officer, as was his son-in-law, who is now a deputy sheriff. He respects law enforcement and knows how to respond when pulled over. There is no reason for someone like Pearl to be hurt like this by those who are meant to protect and serve.

Learn more via pearlpearson.com.

How the Failure of My Crowdfunding Project Makes Me Feel





profile.jpgThese feelings will of course lessen with time, but…

When you’re in desperate need of help and you have more than 5,000 subscribers as well as friends and family; I thought that at least 100 of those people would come forward to support me in a time of great need. I  reached out and was ignored. The fact that I wasn’t even able to get the minimum requirement of 20 donations was even more hurtful and quite frankly, embarrassing.

Who are the people that are really there for me? Who really believes in me and cares that I succeed? They’re not who I thought they were.

I’ve seen all the memes about not expecting things from people because it will lead to disappointment and I’ve heard more than once that people have their own issues. Duh! I get it. I know! But, when it seems that you have no real support system or that what you’re doing is in vain that’s another bitter pill of many for me to swallow. I’ve got lots of reevaluating to do.

I greatly appreciate those that did support my fundraiser and I can’t wait to see you guys in your Dangerous Lee tees. Thanks for believing in me. You have a special place in my heart.

I Made $3,037 and 29 cents!!!

Since May 2012.


hudiesrHappy Birthday, Paw Paw. I’m working on it.


Bad Ideas I Had in 2013 and Other Things That Haven’t Panned Out…Yet! (dangerouslee.biz)

Ask Dangerous Lee: How Risky Are Blow Jobs?

ask dangerous lee

Q: How risky are BJs (blowjobs) ? Like if I were to do it, how can I make sure I don’t catch anything?

– Anonymous

A: Unprotected BJs are very risky. It’s best to use a flavored condom for protection. If you have unprotected oral sex, don’t swallow. Be sure to check the goods before you put your mouth on it, protected or otherwise. Oral sex presents the lowest risk, but it’s still risky. Anal is the most dangerous form of unprotected sex and then vaginal. If you allow him to cum in your mouth don’t hold it in, spit it out immediately. Also, don’t brush your teeth before or immediately after.

Got a question for Dangerous Lee?


What I Am Most Thankful For in 2013

Dangerous Lee

  • What’s left of my sanity
  • Senia
  • My Mom
  • My Father
  • You
  • Government Assistance
  • Electricity
  • Cable/High Speed Internet
  • Mary Jane
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What Do Dangerous Lee and Poetic Justice Have in Common?

As I sit watching Poetic Justice, a movie that I thought I was very unimpressed by and could not relate to because I hate seeing gang violence in Black films, I find myself discovering parallels between myself and Justice, Janet’s Jackson’s character in the film.

Here are things that Dangerous Lee and Poetic Justice have in common:


Justice lost her first love to gang violence. I lost my first love because I had a child that was not his. One day he just disappeared from my life without a single word. His disappearance felt like death. The death of Justice’s love sent her into a deep depression and she also became very bitter. Her closet is full of black clothing that hides her figure and she chooses to spend most of her time alone. There’s one very moving scene in the film that shows Justice at home alone at night eating popcorn with hot sauce, posing and crying in the mirror, trying to relax with the sounds and lights from helicopters above disturbing her groove with Stevie Wonder’s “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer” playing in the background. Stevie also sang this song at Michael Jackson’s memorial, so the scene became even more powerful to me. I’m often alone and lonely. I’m depressed, have been for years and I am also bitter. I cry often, so much so that I wonder how I have any tears left to cry. I also tend to wear dark colors, but I don’t like to hide my voluptuous figure. It’s one of the things I have going for me.

Justice is a keeper of the peace unless you call her an angry bitch. Lucky, Tupac’s character in the film, tries to run game on Justice when they first meet and gets his ego bruised by her in return. He calls Justice an angry bitch because she refuses to acknowledge his existence when they meet again. Justice lost all peace keeping capabilities at that point. I’ve been called mean and angry all my life, even by people who I’ve had little experience with. I’m the salt of the earth until you piss me off. I’m not a mean person, but I am blunt and I don’t take shit from anyone. What people need to understand is that those angry feelings are often valid and come from a very real place. Also, if more men came correct and treated women like ladies they might not meet the mean angry bitch that lies inside all of us.

Justice is also surrounded by people dealing with unnecessary drama. I sometimes feel like I’m the only person in the world not dealing with drama caused by others, but I’m sure that’s because I am often alone or with my daughter. In the apartment complex I live in I hear domestic disputes on a regular basis. It’s one of the things that make me grateful I’m not in a relationship, though I would not deal with such nonsense in any relationship. Any drama I am dealing with is self inflicted or regulated to the fact that I live at the poverty level. Poetic Justice is partially based in South Central, L.A. and I live in the Flint, Michigan area. Both cities have a reputation for excessive crime and being a land of no opportunity.

Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman

Justice is a beautician and a poet which means she is an artist. I am also an artist. I have written poetry, but I’m not a huge fan of it. I find that I write poetry when I am in an overly emotional state and have something deep to say that doesn’t require too many words. I often feel like I have a lot to say but something is stifling my words. I jot down ideas on my iPod or my computer but they rarely see the light of day. I am too busy wearing my Publisher Hat and all that entails along with being a single parent that worries about how my bills will get paid.

Justices’s best friend, Iesha, is dealing with a pretty boy wannabe boyfriend named Chicago (that she doesn’t really like) who has a small penis and is obsessed with his body and brushing waves in his hair. The real problem for Iesha is that he can’t hang in bed longer than two minutes. The last fling I had a few years ago was with a dude that was definitely a pretty boy, but he was also obsessed with working out and his penis was unbelievably small and always on the soft side. I wasn’t extremely hurt when I found out he was still dealing with his ex and one of his two baby mammas (turns out she and I went to school together) who he eventually married, but not a month before he had the nerve to call me and ask if we could hook up again. Men can be so ridiculous! However, I only gave him the time of day because he physically reminded me of the love of my life. We were doomed from the beginning.

Justice says she doesn’t like children but she really does and is often surrounded by and attracted to them. She just doesn’t want a man that has a gang of kids and I feel the same way; which is another reason things would not have worked out with me and my small penis pretty boy. He has 4 kids! I don’t really like kids because I think most of them are little assholes. I love babies and I can stand the company of well behaved children as long as they don’t talk too much. I know you’re probably thinking: what about your daughter? She’s mine so she doesn’t count. Plus, I’m raising her to know when to be an asshole.

Justice thinks she needs to go on a diet. She really doesn’t, but she thinks she needs to. I know I need to diet and workout, but many people look at me and say that I am the right size of thick. I believe there’s fit thick and sloppy thick. I’m the latter. I look at myself naked all the time. My stomach and thighs are ridiculous! I wish working out wasn’t such a chore and eating wasn’t so enjoyable.

Justice loves to wear hats and big hoop earrings. My hats and hoop earrings have become part of my trademark. I’ve also been told I look like Janet Jackson on more than one occasion and I’ve surprisingly even been told I look like Michael Jackson in the below image. I guess!


I think I can appreciate Poetic Justice as a film in 2013 because I am older and more experienced in the trials and tribulations of life. Poetic Justice was originally released in 1993, the year I graduated from high school, a time when I was still very naive, immature and unsure of who I was as a person. Now all I need is a man like Lucky, who Justice eventually began to love, to come my way. I don’t want my first love to be my last.

Dangerous Lee Interviews Professional Handmade Guitar Maker – Ron Luczak


Who owns the first guitar you created in 1982?

I still have that guitar, it’s a small scale “mini” sized copy of the 1958 Gibson ‘Explorer” model, but I never entirely finished it enough to make it playable. I was so excited about what I accomplished half way through, that I bought more lumber and started making a few more full size guitars and from there I just kept going.

Why do you prefer to work with Mahogany, Maple and Rosewood?

These woods are traditional musical instrument woods and I rationalized that there must be a good reason they were always used, so I didn’t deviate too much, although I have experimented with other wood species I always come back to the Mahoganies & Maples.


You don’t play guitar, so what keeps you so motivated to create. Is it a love for music?

I don’t actively “play” at the moment but I was drawn to guitars as early as I can remember and I learned how to play over time and have been in bands and made occasional recordings mainly as a hobby. When I was about 20, it seemed like everybody was playing the guitar and I got the notion to try to build a guitar and I just never stopped. I can pick up a guitar and play anytime I want, but building is just more exciting to me.

I understand you’d like to make a guitar for Paul McCartney. Have you tried to reach out to him or his “people” to make it happen?

His name is just the first one I could think of during a local TV interview, which was conducted at 8am when I was barely awake and hadn’t had coffee yet (ha). It could have been a lot of different “names” that I might have blurted out, but yes It would be marvelous to have him or any of the many artist’s that I admire to play a guitar I made. I don’t feel comfortable soliciting a famous person to hold my guitar just because their famous, or for gimmicky reasons. I’d rather they want one because they find my guitar to be a useful tool to create their music with.


Can you make other instruments?

I have made a few Bass guitars but I feel that I fully understand how a regular 6-string guitar should feel, play and sound so for the time being I’m compelled to concentrate on doing “what I do best”, although I do aspire to build Mandolin’s and Arch-Top Jazz guitars in the future.

What is your ultimate dream for Luczak Guitars?

When I was just starting out in my early twenties I imagined the scenario of a huge factory with lots of employees and every music store around would stock my guitars, but now, quite honestly, that sounds like a great big stress-filled headache! I don’t want the “Business” of it all to stifle my “Art”. I would be content to operate a small scale production with just a few employees who are also fellow crafts-people and 8 hours a day we would custom hand-build each guitar for the customer, as it was ordered, while preserving our social lives, such as having a beer at the 501 in Flint on Friday nights with our closest friends.

Dangerous Lee Interviews Illustrator – Kasim Earl

Emalikai the Great

My favorite pieces from your Gallery are Emalikai the Great, I Imortal, The Angel of Death and Portrait Study. Can you tell me the story behind these pieces?

Let see, Emalikai the Great was done in acrylics. Emalikai was a character I created years ago. As a comic-book collector, to me there weren’t a lot of black super heroes out there; so I created Emalikai. He’s kinda like me, he grew up in a two bedroom apartment in the projects in Harlem, raised only by his mother. The only difference is he’s gifted with magical powers. I Immortal was done in oils. I’ve always had a thing for vampires and thought they where so cool. I’ve read Dracula and Ann Rice‘s Interview with a Vampire and seen the movies. I’ve drawn vampires in the past, but never painted one. The Portrait Study; I’ve been doing fantasy art for so long, so I had decided to something different. For years I’ve avoided doing realistic portraits because to me all of them came out looking like bad caricatures. So I said to myself, “What the hell!”, so I tried again. I’ve chosen a model on DeviantArt, her name is Claire Jones, she’s from the UK. With her permission she gracefully allowed me to use one of her stock photos.

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork that you’ve created?

My favorite pieces; I have a few I consider to be my favorite. The Tribal Princess, Emalikai the Great ( of course) and The Necromancer.

The Necromancer

You and I both attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh at the same time. You graduated, I did not. What are your feelings about the AIP?

I really didn’t learn anything from AIP, I mean the graphic design courses were challenging, but other than that; I didn’t learn shit there. ( You didn’t need it, you’re doing great without AIP.)

Art and artists don’t seem to get the respect or credit that we deserve. How does that make you feel?

Aggrevated, it angers me. Like any artist, I work hard at what I do and to not get the respect (I feel) I and others like me deserve,  pisses me off. Someone explained to me that it’s probably out of jealousy because of the fact I’m self taught and I didn’t attended any fancy or expensive art school to acquire the knowledge to do what I do. With my learning disability it wasn’t easy. I bought and studied a lot of books and took advantage of some of the less expensive workshops and life drawing classes out there.

If you could be the artist behind a campaign for a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, Pink, it would be really cool do campaigns for them.

God Fearing Men Want Sex Too!


Men kill me saying shit they think we want to hear, especially Black men. In the middle of having a conversation that was centered around prostate Cancer and how Black men don’t get tested and the various reasons behind that; the older man I was having a conversation with (who flirts often) proceeded to call a friend of his an old whore. I laughed and he continued to explain, “Well, he was when we were younger…” I interrupted with my smart-ass to say, “He was a young whore and now he’s an old whore. That’s OK. He’s being a man.”

Of course he had to inform me that not all men are that way (as if I were a naive tween) and that he puts God first in his life so he’s different. My eyes slightly rolled and I snickered as I said, “Well that’s what men say to a woman when they want sex. I mean c’mon, God-fearing men want sex too!” We both laughed and the conversation continued.

My point is, being sexually attracted to a person is not unusual or wrong. We’re sexual beings. What makes it “wrong” is when men treat women like whores or escorts in an effort to get her in bed. If you only want to have sex, say that! We’re all adults, I may only want sex too, but if I don’t you’ll know. Remember we choose you! We know very quickly if we see ourselves in bed spanking you or vice versa.

Let’s face it, men do stupid things or talk themselves out of getting sex all the time; at least in my experience. Just be honest and “keep it real”. I don’t get turned on or impressed by a man pulling his relationship with the Lord out of his ass. If anything, it’s a turnoff. I know you’re a damn heathen in disguise.

I’m such an ass…I guess that’s why I’m single. *Kanye shrug*



I Want To Come Back As A Rich Black Woman

I hope I am a happy, tall, rich Black woman in my next life because being 5’6″, unhappy and poor is for the birds! – Dangerous Lee


Do You Support Paula Deen? You Don’t Know The Full Story!

I haven’t publicly said anything one way or another about Paula Deen, but I am sick of her ass and those of you who are choosing to support her (especially Black people)! Are her recipes that damn good?

I’ve never been a fan of hers and before all this she was just a joke between me and my daughter because  of her fake, goofy ass smile (like the image below). Now that it’s been revealed that this White woman has used the word “nigger” in her lifetime and is being made to pay for it by having her career ruined all hell has broken lose.

Are we really supposed to hate this woman just because she has used the word “nigger”? It’s not cool, but big deal. I assume every White person has uttered it at least once. We’ve all said derogatory things about people; those like us and those different from us. We humans are sick like that. Our lives should not be ruined because of it unless were ruining others lives in the process.

Paula Deen is not just in the racist hot seat because she called a Black man who robbed her at gunpoint, “nigger”. (He reportedly even feels bad for her!) There’s a lot more to the story that is not getting the proper media attention that it deserves, so I’m bringing it to you via the website, Legal Black Issues. Stay properly informed, people! The truth is not hidden.

I think individuals who are trying to defend Paula Deen’s use of the “N’ word should probably familiarize themselves with all of the facts of the case against her. Just so you know, in case you didn’t know, the person who initiated the complaint against Paula Deen and her brother is not “Black.” She is a “white female” who was subjected to years of abuse and was finally fed up with her black employees being treated like animals, so stop thinking it was a black person complaining about Paula Deen’s use of the N word. Furthermore, Paula Deen indicated that she used the N word over 20 years ago. That is not what’s being alleged against her. She went as far as telling a guy he was as black as a blackboard. That lady is something else and I’m glad I never supported any of her ventures. I personally find it insulting that so many black people are coming to the defense of Paula Deen after reading what she and her family subjected their employees to. When I learned about the major companies dropping Paula Deen without being demanded to do so, I knew it was deep. The fact that any civil rights activist is supporting Paula Deen is insulting and is a slap in the face. – See more at: http://www.blacklegalissues.com/Article_Details.aspx?artclid=7dfdbe0461#sthash.E7LcySUX.O3dRTQxn.dpuf

I think individuals who are trying to defend Paula Deen’s use of the “N’ word should probably familiarize themselves with all of the facts of the case against her. Just so you know, in case you didn’t know, the person who initiated the complaint against Paula Deen and her brother is not “Black.” She is a “white female” who was subjected to years of abuse and was finally fed up with her black employees being treated like animals, so stop thinking it was a black person complaining about Paula Deen’s use of the N word.


Furthermore, Paula Deen indicated that she used the N word over 20 years ago. That is not what’s being alleged against her. She went as far as telling a guy he was as black as a blackboard. That lady is something else and I’m glad I never supported any of her ventures. I personally find it insulting that so many black people are coming to the defense of Paula Deen after reading what she and her family subjected their employees to. When I learned about the major companies dropping Paula Deen without being demanded to do so, I knew it was deep. The fact that any civil rights activist is supporting Paula Deen is insulting and is a slap in the face.


Read full article – The Paula Deen Incident; you should know all that’s being alleged before defending her.

Dangerous Lee Interviews TaMara Campbell – Author of L.I.F.E. Live Inspired! Feel Empowered!

LIFE Front Book Cover

You got out of an unhappy marriage that came with many perks. What was the ultimate deal breaker in that relationship?

Whew! (LOL) looking back, there we’re so many deal breakers but like so many young girls, I was hopeful! Hopeful that marriage would change me, change him and change us as a couple. Marriage was supposed to just somehow magically fix everything that was wrong. In addition, being brought up in a Christian home, divorce was no, no! So there was definitely an internal struggle of going against my beliefs, society’s messages of being married to your Prince Charming and living happily ever after and then there was reality. And ultimately, I lost myself and was on the verge of destruction. But there were two major situations that resulted in my decision to finally leave: 1) I had shrunk into a former shell of myself. I had been reduced to nothing and I didn’t even realize who I was anymore. It was disgustingly heart wrenching to look in the mirror and hate what you have become. 2) I discovered he was cheating again so I asked him about it. Of course he denied it. So then of course I presented him with the evidence. He got so upset that he pushed me into the wall; I hit my head and blacked out. Let me tell you it’s a scary feeling to come to with someone standing over you yelling and cursing at you. But the one thing about all of it is that I never told him that I was going to leave until I had and plan and was absolutely sure I had enough courage and strength to make it on my own and never go back.

What inspired you to write L.I.F.E. Live Inspired! Feel Empowered!?

My story! And the stories of so many other women who believed that they are trapped and that there is no way out of an unhappy and unhealthy relationship. God did not take me on this journey to keep it to myself. I had to go and grow through it so that I could be a resource, a tool to other women so that they would know that they too, could find the strength and courage to leave. I also wrote it for that little girl growing up so that she could know how not to get into an unhealthy relationship and if by chance she did, she’d be able to utilize the tools and activities in Live Inspired Feel Empowered to find her way out. I wrote it for the person that’s lost and looking for a way to find themselves. It’s an olive branch, it’s hope, it’s inspiration for LIFE!

What will women gain from reading L.I.F.E. Live Inspired! Feel Empowered!?

Throughout the pages of Live Inspired Feel Empowered, you can expect to find yourself, your passion and your Purpose! You will laugh, cry, scream and shout praises as you turn the pages of this book. But most importantly, you will find a healing and you will find peace. You will learn to live L.I.F.E.!   When you find it difficult to read some of the pages in the book, I encourage you not to give up but to push to your breakthrough. No one ever said that growth was instant or easy because if it were, we would all be where we want to be and who we want to be. It takes time, effort and work! “Faith+Action+Movement =The life you so desire,” (the Empowered Consciousness Paradigm from Live Inspired Feel Empowered.) So be patient and loving with yourself and the process.

Can men also relate to the material within the book?

Oh Absolutely! Contrary to what we’ve been taught, men and women are not that different. We both experience all the same emotions but we just may express them differently because that’s how we’ve been conditioned by society. But are the core of it all, we are all human and we all experience hurt, pain and challenges. So all the tools and activities offered in Live Inspired Feel Empowered are definitely useful to men. In fact, a few men have already read the book and said that it actually really helped them to not only understand some things about themselves but their female partner as well. So perhaps the second edition of Live Inspired Feel Empowered will be gender neutral! J

Happy is something that we’re all reaching for. How have you become one of the happiest women in the world?

(LOL) I have become one of the happiest women in the world because I have learned to Live Inspired and Feel Empowered! I know who I am! I have fully come to love, celebrate, cherish and embrace ALL that I am, without regrets or apologies! I am living my LIFE authentically within my Purpose and Passion. Within that there is an unparallelled level of peace, love, Grace and Mercy that is so profoundly powerful!

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me?! Great question! I will be finishing up my Master of Social Work degree and Doctorate of Education in Human Sexuality in December 2013. And I’m sure somewhere inside of me there are a few books waiting to present themselves to the world! (LOL) I also am in the process of writing a producing a short documentary of Black women and sexuality as part of my Doctorate program, so that should be out soon as well! I’m trying to a movement of empowered women that are going to change this world! At the end of the day, I just want to leave a lasting legacy of empowerment, love, joy, peace and sex positive messages that will transcend time!

Where can we purchase your book and find out more about you?

Live Inspired Feel Empowered is available from the following locations: www.tamararosecampbell.com, www.bn.com, www.amazon.com,  Pages Bookstore in Flint, MI and Nubian Bookstore in Southlake Mall, Atlanta, GA. Please continue to check www.tamararosecampbell.com as more locations will be added soon.

Sir Charles Gets Real with Dangerous Lee: The 3 P’s of Success


Why are you known as Sir Charles?

When I was recording music more frequently a music producer wanted to create a stage name for me…It stuck…and I never bothered to change it!

Tell us about the 3 P’s of success and how they came about?

After being clean from drugs, and losing my family…I found the transition challenging, then more change came with my first bout of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma…the light came on and I knew I needed to make good use of my remaining days…and that was before the second diagnosis.

I realize that in being clean, I spoke to people all of the time and I enjoyed it.  The good thing was that I was able to remember the conversations being sober.  I became a certified counselor because of my passion, and I knew that dealing with people was part of my purpose.  Hence the 3 P’s were born (Find Your Pleasure, Find Your Passion, & Find Your Purpose).

How did you overcome drug abuse and what drugs did you abuse?

You mean what drugs didn’t I use (LOL)! I went through the ranks from beer, to wine, to a taste of alcohol , to mary jane, to cocaine which was my main thang…why do I feel like I’m about to start singing Rick James…(LOL), but eventually crack which was my greatest loss.  I overcame them easily and strangely.  God convicted me through the eyes of my children.  I could not look at my children anymore…at least not without being riddled with guilt.  That was the first step to me making the change in my life.

What was it like to be married to someone you thought you’d be with forever only to get a divorce?

It was wild because I initiated the marriage.  I thought with a new lease on life I wanted to clear up all matters in my life that had shade.  Once it was clear that I was not going to be with the mother of my children I wanted to move forward.  So, I was told not to make any major decisions during my first year of sobriety…of course I did it anyway. Failing at marriage was horrible for me because with a sober heart and mind I failed before God, and I failed at love…once again.  It takes time to get over this emotional period in life.

You’re a two time Cancer survivor and your story has been added to medical journals. Did you think you were gonna die? How did you survive?

Well technically, we’re all dying, but I know what you mean…I was not afraid and I did not play with the thoughts or words surrounding death.  I felt that this was all purposeful, and when I came through it I just knew it was time to make good use of my days!  I juice, I am even more faithful, I pray and talk to God often…nothing magical…just keeping it real!

Where can we find more about you online?


Thanks for the opportunity to share with your readers and viewers!  Keep it Dangerous!