Week 2: The Dangerous Lee Diaries

Yes! The Dangerous Lee Experiment logo is complete. One thing down two more to go before kickoff!

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1/9/12 – Celebrated my mother’s birthday at Red Lobster and spent the afternoon with one of my best friends, Lamont Wright.

Hanging at Lamont’s House!

1/10/12 – Took my daughter, Senia, to the dentist. No cavaties! Yay!

1/11/12 – Was able to acquire enough content for DangerousLee.Biz to get me through the first week of February! Very excited and happy about this. Also, I will be highlighting people, places, and things during the month of February for Black History Month.

1/12/12 – Made a visit to the Masonic Temple in downtown Flint to check out a room Wellness AIDS Services wants to utilize for the 2nd Annual Red Masquerade Ball. Very nice space!

Chillin’ in my favorite hat. It’s old as hell!

1/13/12 – Was not a bad day for me, but I am not supersticious so…anyway, spent more time with my friend, Lamont, and our kids.

1/14/12 – Was a featured author at the second Author Forum at Stir the Imagination. The crowd wasn’t very thick, but it was a very nice event and I got a very nice buzz from some boxed red and white wine. Video footage is coming soon!

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I slept better this week, but I had help from sleeping pills. At the time this was written DangerousLee.Biz had a global traffic rank of 342,283 and a U.S. traffic rank of 35, 188. Steady climbing!




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